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of all ages, stripes, beliefs, and peculiarities, when we discover a normal person we will all study them together


we don't care what your relationship looks like, just if it's working for both of you, or working with you to get you there


by blood or by circumstance, we all need a group of supportive people to navigate this life, we've been around long enough to know that blood guarantees nothing and regardless of make up, more people means more complicated, we aim to use complications to create strong clans

How We Serve

Educated Experience

trained and certified in all kinds of evidence-based practices we start where the research tells us things are going

to be most helpful as efficiently as possible, of course the research also tells us this stuff don't work for everyone so

we encourage inspiration and flexibility when the first line fails

Sharply Supportive

we applaud and cheer effort and success as well as anyone, what really seems to make us different is our belief and experience which suggests sometimes a sharp stick makes a difference when the poofy pillow does nothing, we are skilled and comfortable with either tool

Engaged Endgame

sincerely love getting to know so many different people with such varied experiences, genuinely enjoy spending

time with almost all of our clients, but the best moment...tinged with sadness though it may be, is when they look

us squarely in the eye and say "I'm good, I got this", that always makes for a spectacular day

Professionally Profane

work to be respectful of everyone's beliefs and preferences for etiquette, we are certainly, however, not judgmental

or shy about the emotion and language of pain and anger, we know when people express themselves as honestly as possible, even when ugly, they get through and get on

In-Sync Individualism

only the most highly motivated and invested people work with us, they are rewarded for helping people get where

they need to be but you don't just get one, the combined power of our team is tapped on a regular basis to make available to each of us the knowledge and experience of all of us to make us all more effective and efficient

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