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I have been working as a Mental Health Counselor since 2001 and while I have also studied and earned degrees in multiple fields, I am always drawn back to counseling and working with people. I’m lucky I was born with a brain, which has made school easy for me once I took an interest. Even luckier I’ve never become so educated (dumb-a*$&) to think that theories and books alone make a difference.

In all of my pursuits, I have studied recognized Masters and then taken those ideas to the much harsher streets. From Escoffier, Carême, and Point, I know how to reduce stock over days to create a Glace de viande to boost a delicious demi-glace, but I can also bust out a pretty mean modern version in much less time.

I learned about composition and expression from Cartier-Bresson, Adams, and Lange, but I’ve also spent long weekend days shooting thousands of frames as a wedding photographer and getting direct feedback from a decades long pro.

Sure, it’s much more mercenary, but the classics and training both allow me to create images which standout from all the cellular snaps and evoke memories of important events.

That’s who I strive to be as a counselor. I’ve studied and taught numerous theories, techniques, and approaches, but only ever in an effort to help make a difference for the person or people sitting across from me, or one my students. All of the knowledge in the world matters not, if it doesn’t make a difference. For me, as a counselor, to not make a difference should be a crime. At To Go, we are dedicated to the change our clients desire, or we will find another way.

MB about Tom

Tom is a teacher, a coach, and a therapist all in one.  He excels at helping clients feel successes even in their first session.  He can challenge clients and their behaviors in a way that leaves them open to change and liking him despite his brutal honesty.  Tom is different in his approach in that he is constantly adapting models and philosophies to find the best way to evoke positive outcomes in his clients.  His passion for learning and his refusal for accepting anything short of excellence from himself, his clients and his colleagues have earned him the respect of clients, co-workers, and superiors in every arena he has served. His energy is contagious, his presence unforgettable, his skill set impeccable, and his effectiveness unparalleled.


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